AngularJs: Sequential execution of promises !!

Promise is an asynchronous call. When $q.all called on array of promises, we can’t guarantee that they execute in a sequence. However there will be situations where you would be forced to execute promises in a sequence. There are a lot of ways to do it, my first thought is chaining promises and is the only thought. I know how to chain promises & implement them sequentially, but there are questions bugging me

  1. Am I need to repeat code each time when I need to implement promises in sequence ?
  2. What if the count of promises increases ?

I thought of writing a common logic where I give input as array of promises & it would give me array of outputs, now the question is where to put it, when researched I came to know that we can implement our own logic/override existing logic for services provided by angularjs. So I though of putting it in $q.

Here is the logic, you can keep in decorators file of your project

 angular.module("myApp", [])
     .config(function ($provide) {
         $provide.decorator("$q", function ($delegate) {
             function seqAll(promises) {
                 //create a defer, which will return promise with setting resolve/reject
                 var deferred = $delegate.defer();
                 //create an array of results to store results of promises
                 var results = [];
                 var j = 0;
                 //create a recursive function, which loops through all the promises one after the another
                 function recursive(promise) {
                     promise.then(function (data) {
                         // when success, push the data to results & again go for next promise else set defer resovle to array of data collected
                         if (j < promises.length) {
                         } else {
                     }, function (error) {
                         // If promise got failed reject it & return from recursive loop of promises
                         deferred.reject('promises[' + (j - 1) + ']' + ' rejected with status: ' + error.status);
                 return deferred.promise;
         $delegate.seqAll = seqAll;
         return $delegate;

We can now call $q.seqAll([]) from our code which will execute promises sequentially. It is not always good to implement promises in sequence it might impact performance of the project. Hope this post helps


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