Note on Jasmine Framework !!

Jasmine is a very good, easily configurable unit testing framework for AngularJs. A simple test includes following pattern

//test starts with describe and takes two parameters - name & function
describe('calculator', function () {
    //includes conditions that need to fulfilled before each test, takes single function parameter
    //inlcudes conditions that need to fulfilled after each test, takes single function parameter
    //it - used to implement test scenarios, there can any number of it's in a describe
    it('test name', function(){

Matchers include

  • toBe: represents the exact equality (===) operator.
  • toEqual: represents the regular equality (==) operator.
  • toMatch: calls the RegExp match() method behind the scenes to compare string data.
  • toBeDefined: opposite of the JS “undefined” constant.
  • toBeUndefined: tests the actual against “undefined”.
  • toBeNull: tests the actual against a null value – useful for certain functions that may return null, like those of regular expressions (same as toBe(null))
  • toBeTruthy: simulates JavaScript boolean casting.
  • toBeFalsy: like toBeTruthy, but tests against anything that evaluates to false, such as empty strings, zero, undefined, etc…
  • toContain: performs a search on an array for the actual value.
  • toBeLessThan/toBeGreaterThan: for numerical comparisons.
  • toBeCloseTo: for floating point comparisons.
  • toThrow: for catching expected exceptions

A part from that we have spy’s which can be used to fake the data, we can use spyOn to spy on functions in a test. Click here to know more about Jasmine


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