Shared Git repository on LAN

Few days back me along with my colleagues came up with an idea to do POC on healthcare mobile app using ionic. I thought of creating a common code repository in one of our systems and share that code repository using office LAN. A part from pull and push commands in git I didn’t know anything. So obviously like any other developer I googled, after lot of research I successfully created a Git repository in our LAN. Here are the steps

Create a bare repository (Bare repository is the one that has no working tree. It means its whole contents is what you have in .git directory. You can only commit to bare repository by pushing to it from your local clone. It has no working tree, so it has no files modified, no changes)

 git init –bare project1.git

Share it to the users on LAN

Clone this project in some other location on our system using command.

git clone //

Create you project setup files here or dump project into cloned project1 folder and Add the files to cloned repository using

git add .

Then commit the files using

git commit -m “First commit”

At this point your bare repository doesn’t have any branches, when you commit the files in our local cloned project repository it creates a master branch local to our codebase.

Push the changes to the newly created master branch in local code using

git push

The default branch of bare repository is “origin” and default branch of your local cloned repository is “master”. You can check it by commands from cloned repository

git remote (returns origin)

git branch (returns master)

Now it’s very simple, we know the branch of our remote repository & our local branch. Now we need to push the local changes on master to origin.

git push [remote-repository-name] [local-branch-name]

git push origin master

It’s done !! Now any one who has access to project1.git can simply clone the project using command

git clone //*/*/project1.git

Finally we can use the most used command pull & push to do our daily activities on code base. Hope this helps.

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