I’m Oracle certified Java, J2EE Developer and Microsoft certified HTML, CSS3 and Javascript Developer having 5 years of professional experience in developing Single Page Web Applications. I specialise in developing/architecting production ready web applications based on customer needs. My choice of technologies for building web applications include Java, Spring or NodeJS for Restful Web Services, AngularJS, ReactJS and Redux for User Interface development and Maven, Glup & Webpack as build tools. I have a strong passion for the creativity, commitment and discipline that goes into development. Keeping in mind scalability and clean code that is maintainable and readable. I keep myself updated with current market trends and try to do small PoC’s to understand concepts.

Below are few works done by me in off time. Check them out !!

  1. Stock Calculator (Android app)
  2. FilmTalkies (A Film website developed using TMDB API, Reactjs & Redux Framework.)
  3. news2day (A news website developed using News Api, Reactjs & Redux Framework)
  4. http-promise-api (A promise wrapper around request module to return promise instead of callbacks)

To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.


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